A Correction

Five days ago I put up a post: ‘Being a Challenge’.
One paragraph has a Problem.

(A thought on the side; maybe those in Hell are doomed to a name in the same way with which they are forced bear for eternity? We don’t know because St. John was shown a vision of Heaven and not the Other Place. Either way, each person chooses the name he will be . . . )

I said that the Evangelist was shown a ‘Vision of Heaven and not’ Hell.
This…is not correct, as anyone who has read the Book of Revelations can tell you.
He saw the New Jerusalem and what was in it. He also saw Babylon and the destruction of its people in the lake of fire.
My statement was much in need of qualification; it may have been better to say that he didn’t see what life in Hell was like as he did that of Heaven, though – can I say that?
That he doesn’t see what ‘life in Hell’ is like is true in one sense, as Hell is eternal death and separation from everything that is Good.
In another, it is false as ‘life’ can be read and understood as ‘existence’.

But still. I will proudly blame my blunders on the cloudy day during which they were writ, and move on.

Thanks go to Bishop Fulton J. Sheen for making me realize this error.
I may write a rant based on the above quote later…

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