Humility in Love

I have no words to speak to you,
The world’s gone numbly cold,
So many things that one could say,
None new – the world is old.

I have no songs to sing for you,
My voice is worn away,
A whispered breath is all I have,
Until another day.

I have nothing to give to you,
My hands are tired, still,
A gentle touch of hand and soul,
Your good held in my will.

I have no heart to give to you,
I gave it to our Lord,
He deals it back to you, I pray,
I – your flaming sword.

I have no love to give to you,
Save that which God gave me,
I pray it comes as close to He,
Who purged sin on the Tree.

I have nothing to offer you,
That I have to my own,
I merely give out my gift, Love,
Nourish the seeds here sown.

We have only All to accept,
And give to all again,
For Eternity in Love with you,
I’d bleed a world of pain.

No Love is yours to keep,
But giving it away,
You’ll find that it has been repayed
On the Eternal Day.

Remember, nobody has anything, not Will or Life or Love, except by the act of God.

Published by

Knight of the White Rose

The White Rose represents Courage, Purity and Spiritual Love.

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