What is This That We Have Done?

A little man, little in such a big world, carried a Ring up a hill. Carried it still though it weighed on him, looked towards the top where he would then not have to carry it anymore. His best friend followed close behind. It had been a long journey.

. . . No, I’m not talking about Frodo Baggins. I’m certainly not talking about Samwise Gamgee.

A man thought of the sacrifices that might come if he made this choice (one can only speculate what she had already considered) and asked for his Father’s Will to be done. He wanted to do it. This is why he had come here. To this graveyard.
The blood-red glinted back at him where it lay in his shaking hand.
On a hill, at the darkening of the day – on Good Friday – he prayed for the whole world, offered his life (no, I’m not talking about Jesus) to a woman who had followed him up the hill and given him comfort (she is not Mary).

He asked her to take his life.

She said “Yes” – for the second time. “Yes” and they were moving on, looking towards the time when they would be remade, made one. It would be a long journey but they would be together.

And now we begin another chapter, a New Adventure.

Published by

Knight of the White Rose

The White Rose represents Courage, Purity and Spiritual Love.

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