A Muted World: Thoughts

The sunrise never came. Snow above, underfoot, in the air – everything crystallized, cold, solid. Whispers of wind swirled spark’ling silver in the dusky dawn. The only fragments of the past were threadlike thoughts, twined within the breeze, remnants of yesterday’s time – The cries of a silenced world. You might have heard them if you weren’t quiet enough.

Is winter a time of death? Gloom and melancholy?
I think it is rather a time of silence and rest, made so that men must let Creation rest.

Noise runs rampant today, unbridled and coarse. Silence brings about reflection and the world fears to know itself lest it know the Truth. Our race prefers the cold groan of ice to the still of a summer evening, a bleak sky to the stars; To be blind than realize ourselves to be wrong, and be deafened by our machinations rather than hear the loving whisper of God.

There was a time when the world was ice to the core. It froze when the first father chose wrongly, and has only been thawing slowly for two millennia. Each time mankind challenges God, the chilling frost of Hell blows louder in acclamation. Evil does not realize (or proudly denies) that God can force Hell’s fires against the ice and turn the kingdom of rebels against itself to destruction.

Though sometimes painful and bleak, wintertime is a beautiful thing. Within the lack of colour and life, quiet and cold, shimmers anticipation of Life, warmth, and until then, a comforting of silence in a muted world.

Being a Challenge

Prepare for an unexpected dive into a random topic:
I have had Thoughts assemble (grudgingly on this cloudy day) and thus have put them down here.

I always did like St. Michael, and not for one reason. He is, firstly, an angel. Those tend to be spectacular beings of themselves, evil or not. He is among the legions of angels devoted to loving and serving God forever, so there’s that going for him too. (That’s made obvious by the abbreviated ‘Sanctus’ before his name…in case you were wondering.)
Those named after him have as their patron saint, the centurion of Christ’s armies – and what a name has he!

Names on earth, like all worldly things, are temporary. St. John the Evangelist speaks of a new name – a secret name, known to the person and God alone – given to all in Paradise, and one can only imagine what it could be. I imagine that it will perfectly describe the person as he is.

(A thought on the side; maybe those in Hell are doomed to a name in the same way with which they are forced bear for eternity? We don’t know . . . being nameless, without meaning and identity may be among the greater intellectual torments.)

I assume that the angels all have names as unique as the species of each, already set in stones, and the few that we know are rusted-down versions so that we poor fools can understand them a little.

We know what the Archangel’s name means: ‘Quis ut Deus? – Who is like God?’
It’s not a rhetorical question (the answer being ‘Nobody’ or ‘Everybody’ depending on your argument and both can be correct), nor a statement that he is like God, but a challenge. A defiant battle-cry at the fleeing demons. Who IS like God?

It’s a challenge to us as well. ‘ All you commanded to be perfect as the Father is – Who is like God?’ and then if the angels have humour as I’d like them to, he’d ask ‘Who among you is?’ – Not specifically directed at individual persons, if only to extract the usual answer to start a philosophical debate.

We stand here, heads down, kicking the dust nervously and deliver the expected reply with minds full of humanity’s failings and voices full of woe: “…Nobody….”

And the vibrant commander of myriad superlegions laughs.

Are You Lonely?

“Are you lonely child, or
Lost amidst a lengthening night?
I stand here timeless waiting for
You to speak to me, the Light.

Are you lonely, dearest heart?
Do you wish to rest secure?
Sleep in faith. About you are
My warriors shining from afar.

Are you lonely, love of mine?
Is your soul a holy shrine?
Therein my Heart will take abode,
If you will but have me.”

…If at night awake you lie,
Pray with He who chose to die,
In the Hour of Darkness; with Him take a part,
Give comfort to the suffering Heart.

‘My Kingdom is Not of This World’.

Well, it’s been just over a month since the last post. So many things have happened since then that I had little time to keep up here. Finishing a year at college, travels, settling into a new routine with work and Getting Sick mixed in took up a significant amount of time.

But here I am at last, with a Partial-Maybe (short) answer to a question/idea/odd notion which has been in my head for years, and will probably never leave since if nothing else, it is fun to mentally exploit.

The Tenth Crusade: Why not, right? Why did all the past crusades fail, and…could we get the tenth one going?

It came to me a week ago that Christ gave us the answer: “My kingdom is not of this world…” (John 18:36)

Christianity (TRUE Christianity) was never meant to be established permanently here. The world is it’s base, to bring the world to God, but the Kingdom of God is not OF the world – just IN it.
The War for the Cross is ongoing. It just doesn’t necessarily mean starting a physical war. That’s what the world does; utilizing only things it understands for its own ends. Until such a time as we are summoned to God, our fight involves nothing more than doing what is given us to do in our own capacity and time.
Establishing fortresses of stone and conquering lands with swords won’t win you Heaven, and it may not aid anyone else. For most of us, doing that would be far beyond our physical limitations, to speak nothing of the spiritual.
Getting up every day and living every moment in Charity, accomplishing each task, being patient with the next little sibling; like steel rings that make up a coat of mail, all those little things will eventually come together and habitually guard your soul.

NOT, mind you, that this in any way means I won’t do something odd like flying a Knights Templar flag at the Walk For Life next year. . . I just won’t be going all-out and summoning a secret war council in Constantinople on September 2nd. (Please tell me you know how ironic that would be.)

**I hope to one day prepare a fully-organized rant. A goal of mine this summer is to accomplish that.

Another Midnight Thought: Confusion

Good evening! It’s almost the morning of tomorrow, but the night is still young. I’ve been thinking of one of the Impossible-To-Understand Things. (Two things, actually) Care to jump in?

Do you ever consider that each second brings you closer to your death, but not an instant closer to the end of your story?

(1). We have an Author who wrote us into His book, with a beautiful and mysterious beginning but no end. I can’t fathom how that works, but nobody can.
(2). You are literally forming the quality of the unimaginable length of being that you will have. We’re here as long as we need to be to make a choice, given thousands of little options (and several major ones) concerning how we choose, and then the rest of eternity to endure the consequent results.

I don’t know that ‘being’ is measured in length, because that ‘length’ has to be of something, and existence doesn’t have size in the manner with which we are concerned. ‘Length of time’ we could say, but is there time to eternity? Certainly not as we know ‘time’.

I’ve been talking about this with a friend while writing, and am consistently becoming more confused. Like I said at the start, it’s an Impossible Thing.

No, wait. I rambled on to another thought: We’re in eternity already. Our existence is forever and right now we’re in the first tiny stage of it.

I could go on for a few hours, but I, being a human, require sleep, and it’s early morning now.

Short little thing here, but it is just a Thought, and may be continued at any time. Do feel free to contribute to Thoughts.

‘Trust the Past to the Mercy of God, the Present to His Love, the Future to His Providence.’ ~ St. Augustine

Why are we told to trust the ‘Past’ to ‘Mercy’, ‘Present’ to ‘Love’ and ‘Future’ to ‘Providence’?

The Past is filled with failings of our own, acts based on weakness and lack of Charity. Trusting in God’s Mercy, we have Hope of a holy future.

The Present can be a time of doubt, of spiritual blindness, uncertainty, fear. With Faith in the Love of God – belief of It though we can not always see it – we know that He will guide us in Love, we have only to follow.

The Future is more clouded oftentimes than the Present. Similar to the difficulties of the Present, we have to let all things fall into the masterful hands of the Creator and by living our lives based on what is required now, set the path for a Future agreeable to Him.

Faith comes through prayer. At all times, when in doubt – Pray. If you can not mentally pray, do so physically. Be in the presence of God, for you are at any moment, every place. If possible find the Blessed Sacrament and be with Him as He suffers for sinners. Keep mutual company in the spiritual loneliness.

In any difficulty, if you need to act, to speak, to do anything, pray for guidance first that all you do may be with, in and for Love.

What is Time, to Eternity?

“O life so dull and monotonous, how many treasures you contain! When I look at everything with the eyes of faith, no two hours are alike, and the dullness and monotony disappear. The grace which is given me in this hour will not be repeated in the next. It may be given me again, but it will not be the same grace. Time goes on, never to return again. Whatever is enclosed in it will never change; it seals with a seal for eternity” (Diary, 62).

Oh life, of such little time composed, yet how great a privilege that we be given one. No hour is like another, indeed no second. If only men would view with Faith every moment of their lives, what a world of beauty would be here! So live in the present time! We should live each second with habitual Love, and in looking back in the Judgment of your soul we will see a lifetime spent well, through the Mercy of the Sacred Heart.

Find the opportunity of a lifetime not monotonous, nor consider it dull. Life should be a taste of eternity.

What is a splinter of time?