Midnight Thought # 3

It’s that hour again. 11:00 p.m. Something about Finals Week (the mental equivalent of the Chinese slow death) makes me want to stay up and review the already re-reviewed Latin course of this past semester. There’s not much we can do about that – I know as much as I will. I’m staying up later than I should because when I am tired and unable to think efficiently, I can ‘think Latin’ comparatively better than if I’m alive.

Over the past several days, Ideas have popped up and been logged for posts which actually talk about something. Quite a few Ideas, in fact.

  1. A rant on the lack of respect (of others and self) in Society In General
  2. Moral Relativism among . . . yea, just a bunch of humans including many ‘Catholics. (assume that would be a rant as well)
  3. Answering some questions asked by a couple friends about the veil and dressing properly at Mass.
  4. Answering more questions from the same people mentioned in #3 about modesty of dress in general (that would turn into a rant – going back to #1)
  5. One heck of a whoppin’ long rampage concerning the many problems our ‘culture’ (if I dare call it that) has with ‘dating’ and expectations with relationships, respect for women, basic courtesy in general – I could include a special section for ‘social media dating’.
  6. The Tenth Crusade. No more be said.
  7. Heck, I could just put the first 6 in a proper order and make ’em all into one.

The image for this post is Our Lady of Fatima. It was that or the Apocalypse. No, not zombies, I’m talking about the Apocalypse. World ending. Fire. Angels throwing a censor full of God’s Wrath onto this orb of cosmic dust.

I decided on the image of Our Lady instead. The message of Fatima is, 102 years later, even more important that it was at the beginning, and Our Lady and her words are still being overlooked, ignored, or unknown by a miserable majority.
Now that I think of it, many things she said could be worked in to several of those ‘Post/Rant Ideas.’

I’m going to turn in, presumably sleep at some point, and will try to get one of those 7 things written within the next 2 weeks.

*Question: What is ‘Emerald Dew’?

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