Light Between the Doors

Evening fell, the evening bell
Rolled out the hour and silent fell,
Stone and gold, which the Word hold,
Crimson glowed with the bell as it tolled.

Sounded again as tired men
Cast eyes up to the spire –
An archangel’s spear, the demons’ fear,
Of the guards that never tire.

Within the walls, dimming halls,
A watch I set with the candles’ flame,
A heart for a Heart, a love for true Love,
To understand further His Name.

And pacing the corridors seldom seen,
A light on the floor dimly shone,
Flung to the marble, a ruddy sheen –
Like blood on a long-ancient bone.

There were the doors – forgotten ways,
From a path behind the Throne,
Through the crack in the oak, the candlelight broke,
And I saw that He was alone.

There I halted a moment, and waited a while,
Seconds turned minutes to but a brief thought,
I was witness to places a millionfold built,
Wherein the only true battle was fought.

In the darkness still-standing I stood,
Seeing the glow through the wood,
And it seemed to me that I looked through a Tree . . .
. . . where Eternity lingered on.

Published by

Knight of the White Rose

The White Rose represents Courage, Purity and Spiritual Love.

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