The Ressurection

As the first pulse of the world beat out in throbbing tones,
Fanning heat from the depths of the darkest regions,
In a blast more fearful than Lucifer’s fall
At which our globe still grievously groans,
Or Zeus’s rods of war now molten,
In a thunderous whiplash striking the earth
Opening a wound as a lance to a heart,
So casting himself from Heaven came the angel to God,
Calling for stones to yield and give birth,
Rending the barrier of men apart,
And the soldiers’ spirits retreated before the awful sight,
Falling as smitten with the spirit’s rod.
The messenger tore the iron chains and rock apart,
In a righteous fury and holy might,
Summoning Creation to salute its King,
Bowing to the One Who Lives.

Christus Surrexit!

Easter Sunday

Darkness. It filled the world, overflowed the sky. For a day the sun shone helplessly on the earth, and then it sank sobbing, in a bloody anger, down into the cold mountains. For a second time, night came but the world was no darker for it. We waited, hoping for the impossible.

A light shone in the darkness. It was a spark which touched a dry palm leaf; a breath of wind kissed it and in as little time as could be, a flame rose up, caught little sticks, and the whole rose like a fountain of light and heat, defying the night with a bold light.
From this fire candles were lit, and the dark fled from the Church.

Christ is risen!
Yes, ring those bells, be silent no more. Sing the song of the angels at His birth as he re-enters the world from the grave.

The Lord is risen! Once for all time, Sin’s dark power was annihilated and life won for all men.

Christus surrexit! The Temple has been raised up though brought to the ground. For the first time in millennia we can worship with Hope.

Dominus surrexit! He lived and died for all, He now rises for all. Forever He lives, King of Heaven and Master of Hell. He holds the keys.

(There is no mention of the Blessed Mother at this time, but I personally think that she was among the first, if not the first to see Him.
She shared the sorrow of the Cross, I’m rather certain that she just as fully shared in the joys of the Resurrection.)

Death is dead and the One who called Himself ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ is now eternally among the living. Follow Him now, up to your Calvary and die to live with Him.

May you all have a peaceful and blessed Easter Season, and share in the happiness of the Risen Christ.