A Thought for You

I don’t suppose you’ll know to whom this is directed unless you are that person. That’s alright though. I doubt that you’ll know the circumstances in which I write either unless you are that one. Keep reading anyway, it isn’t so particular as to be enveloped. If it were I’d not write it here.

I was nearly finished formulating this thought when we parted this evening. It’s just a thought and certainly could be written ‘better’ but it’s late.

If what is required is for us to ‘deal’ and be perfect according to that ideal standard, we shouldn’t take encouragement from Christ in everything He did.
We all have trials. His was a Cross, ours are splinters from that. (That seems fine by itself.) He fell with His three times. We ought not be surprised or frustrated when we do with ours. The best way seems to be to continue despite falls and apparent failures from being overloaded.

I don’t know anyone who does that perfectly in this life, but the ones who persevered are saints. The standard isn’t doing everything we set out to do completely and perfectly. It’s to do what we can (and should) in the time given us, to the best of our ability, with the grace of God.

Tomorrow will be a new opportunity.

Silent Lightning

Silence is a wonderful thing. A friend is a treasure from God. Time is mysterious, and darkness beautiful.

Is the last of the four surprising to be in such a list? I’ve written of time (or Not-Time) before. This is slightly different.
Many people associate darkness with things Not-Good. Maybe that’s because they can’t see what’s in it, and know that (worse), many think that they can’t be seen in it – the former is strange to me and the latter false in more than one way.

Earlier this evening I sat under a tree with a cup of tea, Another, and God. The sun had suffocated beneath piling clouds, or fallen down a mountain. I don’t know which. The day ended as timeless Evening crept forward to stealthily morph into Night.

We left the tree after a bit, walked somewhere down a road I’d never taken, and stopped after a few minutes to watch the clouds over the mountains ignite with brief flares of lightning. I don’t know how long we stood, perhaps twenty minutes.
It was all there – Time, a Friend, Darkness. Nature was raging in front of our eyes and was Silent. I know that somewhere the thunder was heard. It never reached us.

I say that darkness is beautiful (but then I can see rather well in it) because it doesn’t obscure everything – it removes some things and leaves the rest to be seen which otherwise are overlooked.
This particular species of Darkness was an unsteady rippling of light, for brief instances shrouding the starlight in pulses of silver. Other types are the steady moonrise, the waking stars, or bleak and cold, the clouded night.

To look into the darkness is like to do so up at stars or into someone’s eyes. There is everything to be seen, hidden in part by your own eyes, some things to be sought and others to remain Mystery. To know the stars or a person in whom resides the Creator are ways of further knowing Him. There, deep within the cosmos or in the heart and soul of that person, is God. If you look long enough, flashes of some truth shine out.

Look at the stars. I see hundreds of shapes between them, and unknowable points of light. Look at Another person. I wish that I could know the awful and beautiful ‘It’ which is naturally bound to the visible corporeal body, see that facet of God’s infinite beauty in all people – but far away are the stars, my eyes are blind and only God can be ever proximate.

All I know is that Sacred Mystery resides in Heaven, be It found in the eyes of the sky or a soul. And that is why I think darkness is beautiful.

” . . . faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not.” (Heb. 11:1)

Extinguished Stars – a Smoky Sky

‘There are no vocations, temporary or permanent, that do not come with the caveat that you will have to give up yourself for the sake of something or someone else, and that includes being a student. When we seek to do God’s will, He directs us on a road that is sacrificial, yes, “Take up your cross and follow Me”, but also peaceful –  “Take My yoke upon your shoulders…for my burden is light” .
But the big picture needs to be present in our souls in order to maintain peace of soul in a given moment, and we must remember that peace is a gift from God, not something we acquire for ourselves. There will always be things thrown at us designed to take away our peace of soul.’

So wrote the most influential man in my life to me this morning.

I find grimly humourous that one can write/speak such words to me, and often my thoughts are along the lines of ‘yes, I know…heard it all before’ – but do I KNOW this all? (In theory, yes)

Short post? Yes. 85% the words of another man? Yes. But methinks that the weight of the quoted words are worth contemplating for a bit, and also I should fulfill what I said I’d try to do in the way of taking part in an activity common to most of the human race, namely sleeping. (try)

Light Between the Doors

Evening fell, the evening bell
Rolled out the hour and silent fell,
Stone and gold, which the Word hold,
Crimson glowed with the bell as it tolled.

Sounded again as tired men
Cast eyes up to the spire –
An archangel’s spear, the demons’ fear,
Of the guards that never tire.

Within the walls, dimming halls,
A watch I set with the candles’ flame,
A heart for a Heart, a love for true Love,
To understand further His Name.

And pacing the corridors seldom seen,
A light on the floor dimly shone,
Flung to the marble, a ruddy sheen –
Like blood on a long-ancient bone.

There were the doors – forgotten ways,
From a path behind the Throne,
Through the crack in the oak, the candlelight broke,
And I saw that He was alone.

There I halted a moment, and waited a while,
Seconds turned minutes to but a brief thought,
I was witness to places a millionfold built,
Wherein the only true battle was fought.

In the darkness still-standing I stood,
Seeing the glow through the wood,
And it seemed to me that I looked through a Tree . . .
. . . where Eternity lingered on.

Are You Lonely?

“Are you lonely child, or
Lost amidst a lengthening night?
I stand here timeless waiting for
You to speak to me, the Light.

Are you lonely, dearest heart?
Do you wish to rest secure?
Sleep in faith. About you are
My warriors shining from afar.

Are you lonely, love of mine?
Is your soul a holy shrine?
Therein my Heart will take abode,
If you will but have me.”

…If at night awake you lie,
Pray with He who chose to die,
In the Hour of Darkness; with Him take a part,
Give comfort to the suffering Heart.

Midnight Thought # 3

It’s that hour again. 11:00 p.m. Something about Finals Week (the mental equivalent of the Chinese slow death) makes me want to stay up and review the already re-reviewed Latin course of this past semester. There’s not much we can do about that – I know as much as I will. I’m staying up later than I should because when I am tired and unable to think efficiently, I can ‘think Latin’ comparatively better than if I’m alive.

Over the past several days, Ideas have popped up and been logged for posts which actually talk about something. Quite a few Ideas, in fact.

  1. A rant on the lack of respect (of others and self) in Society In General
  2. Moral Relativism among . . . yea, just a bunch of humans including many ‘Catholics. (assume that would be a rant as well)
  3. Answering some questions asked by a couple friends about the veil and dressing properly at Mass.
  4. Answering more questions from the same people mentioned in #3 about modesty of dress in general (that would turn into a rant – going back to #1)
  5. One heck of a whoppin’ long rampage concerning the many problems our ‘culture’ (if I dare call it that) has with ‘dating’ and expectations with relationships, respect for women, basic courtesy in general – I could include a special section for ‘social media dating’.
  6. The Tenth Crusade. No more be said.
  7. Heck, I could just put the first 6 in a proper order and make ’em all into one.

The image for this post is Our Lady of Fatima. It was that or the Apocalypse. No, not zombies, I’m talking about the Apocalypse. World ending. Fire. Angels throwing a censor full of God’s Wrath onto this orb of cosmic dust.

I decided on the image of Our Lady instead. The message of Fatima is, 102 years later, even more important that it was at the beginning, and Our Lady and her words are still being overlooked, ignored, or unknown by a miserable majority.
Now that I think of it, many things she said could be worked in to several of those ‘Post/Rant Ideas.’

I’m going to turn in, presumably sleep at some point, and will try to get one of those 7 things written within the next 2 weeks.

*Question: What is ‘Emerald Dew’?

Another Midnight Thought: Confusion

Good evening! It’s almost the morning of tomorrow, but the night is still young. I’ve been thinking of one of the Impossible-To-Understand Things. (Two things, actually) Care to jump in?

Do you ever consider that each second brings you closer to your death, but not an instant closer to the end of your story?

(1). We have an Author who wrote us into His book, with a beautiful and mysterious beginning but no end. I can’t fathom how that works, but nobody can.
(2). You are literally forming the quality of the unimaginable length of being that you will have. We’re here as long as we need to be to make a choice, given thousands of little options (and several major ones) concerning how we choose, and then the rest of eternity to endure the consequent results.

I don’t know that ‘being’ is measured in length, because that ‘length’ has to be of something, and existence doesn’t have size in the manner with which we are concerned. ‘Length of time’ we could say, but is there time to eternity? Certainly not as we know ‘time’.

I’ve been talking about this with a friend while writing, and am consistently becoming more confused. Like I said at the start, it’s an Impossible Thing.

No, wait. I rambled on to another thought: We’re in eternity already. Our existence is forever and right now we’re in the first tiny stage of it.

I could go on for a few hours, but I, being a human, require sleep, and it’s early morning now.

Short little thing here, but it is just a Thought, and may be continued at any time. Do feel free to contribute to Thoughts.

Ichorian Slumber

Slowly moon-rise wakes the stars,
Throwing webs of dew across
A field, a cloud, a tired mind,
Creeping along like waking moss.

Clouds burn red behind the sun,
Black clouds, like embers smouldering,
Smoking and fading into the sky,
A fire of heaven consumed but not burning.

The sky was open, stars and clouds,
The failing sun, the misty shrouds,
And mortal minds were twined within,
Falling between ancient images.

The noise of the tomb deafened the world,
And through the stars like thought was hurled,
A ray, cold beam, last fleeting gasp,
Of this day’s light, like a finger groping,
At a mind’s resting, or warm wind breathing,
Heart pulsing slowly, beating out grieving . . .

Every day ends in such hallowed prose,
Heaven soft-shaded with blood from a rose.

‘Trust the Past to the Mercy of God, the Present to His Love, the Future to His Providence.’ ~ St. Augustine

Why are we told to trust the ‘Past’ to ‘Mercy’, ‘Present’ to ‘Love’ and ‘Future’ to ‘Providence’?

The Past is filled with failings of our own, acts based on weakness and lack of Charity. Trusting in God’s Mercy, we have Hope of a holy future.

The Present can be a time of doubt, of spiritual blindness, uncertainty, fear. With Faith in the Love of God – belief of It though we can not always see it – we know that He will guide us in Love, we have only to follow.

The Future is more clouded oftentimes than the Present. Similar to the difficulties of the Present, we have to let all things fall into the masterful hands of the Creator and by living our lives based on what is required now, set the path for a Future agreeable to Him.

Faith comes through prayer. At all times, when in doubt – Pray. If you can not mentally pray, do so physically. Be in the presence of God, for you are at any moment, every place. If possible find the Blessed Sacrament and be with Him as He suffers for sinners. Keep mutual company in the spiritual loneliness.

In any difficulty, if you need to act, to speak, to do anything, pray for guidance first that all you do may be with, in and for Love.

What is Time, to Eternity?

“O life so dull and monotonous, how many treasures you contain! When I look at everything with the eyes of faith, no two hours are alike, and the dullness and monotony disappear. The grace which is given me in this hour will not be repeated in the next. It may be given me again, but it will not be the same grace. Time goes on, never to return again. Whatever is enclosed in it will never change; it seals with a seal for eternity” (Diary, 62).

Oh life, of such little time composed, yet how great a privilege that we be given one. No hour is like another, indeed no second. If only men would view with Faith every moment of their lives, what a world of beauty would be here! So live in the present time! We should live each second with habitual Love, and in looking back in the Judgment of your soul we will see a lifetime spent well, through the Mercy of the Sacred Heart.

Find the opportunity of a lifetime not monotonous, nor consider it dull. Life should be a taste of eternity.

What is a splinter of time?